Been a bit hectic here of late, hence the lack of posts, that and I am pretty lazy with this stuff!

Recently got a new frame set to build up as a lightweight tourer/gravel bike thing(more of later) and have been busy sourcing parts for that, however something crossed my path which I have wanted for a while now. A friend is replacing his Jones 29 with a 29+, and was looking to sell his old frame/fork. I have wanted to try one of these for a few years now but never got the chance, well, there's a demo at my LBS but I was always afraid of taking it for a spin and liking it as it would end up costing me a fortune, given my “must have” approach to these things!!! So when Phil offered to let me borrow the bike for a while I was only to glad to oblige, assuming it would be a more affordable option(it was, just, I went a bit mad with wheels etc too)


Being the plain black frame, and a little worn to boot, it is a very unassuming bike to look at, (though I do like flat paintwork) but it does look “all business”. It has a fat front, which I originally planned to replace with a 29 wheel, but having ridden it for a few weeks I am changing my mind. I will put a more standard wheel on it at some point but have to say that the front makes a lot of the chunkier trails around here a great experience, which is no real surprise given that it was one of the things Jeff designed the frame set for.

The only thing I haven't tried on it yet is bikepacking, though I don't really need to, I have done enough to know that it will work fine. The midges sap my motivation more than almost anything else so it may be a few weeks before I get to try it in earnest.

So all in all I am very happy with the new addition to the stable, just need to sell the KM to pay for the new wheels now!


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  1. Fraser says:

    I love mine Gari. Hugely capable bikes, I ran mine fat front for a year or so, but it’s now got its own dually built for the front. Can still borrow the Nate off the Muk, if required.

    Comfy all day and mine is now my dedicated bikepacking ‘rig’ (sorry). The only thing that still causes me the odd issue, is the low BB and I wish Jeff did triple bosses on the fork.

    If I had to keep just one bike, it’d be my Jones!

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