2014, a year of frustration.

So I managed to do just 2 trips last year, and never got around to posting them up. I had a very poor year health wise, with a bad shoulder/neck that had me off the bike for the best part of 12 weeks during the summer. Having got over this I was starting to feel very run down at the end of summer, which I put down to lack of sleep etc due to the previous neck problems. Turns out I have developed an overactive Thyroid, which is pretty much the only thing that was anywhere near being active at all!! Consequently I did nothing beyond May time other than a few day rides. My motivation was left wanting when it came to posting stuff up here too unfortunately.

So I am going to post a couple of short trip reports from last year, draw a line under 2014 and move on. Best thing all round I think.

I am hoping to get out a little more this year having got my medication pretty much dialled, here’s hoping.

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1 Response to 2014, a year of frustration.

  1. Zed says:

    I hope your health picks up and you are able to get out on the bike much more often this year. Your posts from the past are inspirational and I am greedy for more!

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