Trips, picture dump 1

So as I was quite lax late last year, and this year too really! I thought I would just do an image dump of the later trips I did last year but never posted. A short description just to separate them out from each other and let the pictures speak for themselves. Once this, and one other bit of house keeping is done I shall try and post up some of this springs trips.

So in no particular order:

Loch Ossian through ride

First trip us is a 3 day Jaunt through glen Ossian, loch Treig and through to Kinlochleven. A quick road ride to Fort William to sort out a brake issue, and then home via the East Highland way. The last day was a pretty long one and so I have very few images of the EHW itself. Nice ride if a little tame in technical terms, in conjunction with the WHW it makes a great tour through the Southern Highlands and along the edge of the Cairngorm/Monadhliath group.



IMG_0133track through to Ben Alder (in the distance) just past Loch Pattack. the route cuts right through the glen, over a saddle into Glen Ossian.

IMG_0135Some of the best single track I have ridden in these parts…..

IMG_0144take you over the saddle…..

IMG_0146and on into Glen Ossian.


IMG_0149The hike-a-bike is as bad as it looks!

IMG_0150The end of the H-a-B section, estate track all the way to the hostel from here. A great night in the hostel, woke up to a bright sunshiny day.


IMG_0159More H-a-B!!

IMG_0160Through the Abhainn Rath, Meanach bothy in the distance.

IMG_0162By this point my front brake was almost non existent, as there is a bike hit enlace in Kinlochleven I decided to ride there rather than continue with the H-a-B into Glen Spean, 7-8km I estimated.

IMG_0165No joy with the brakes but I did find this! It was incredibly cold and windy, and as I have always wanted to try a Hobbit house I figured why not!? A quick trip to the chippy and I was all sorted. The cabin had a kettle/microwave and even a wall mounted mini-tv. 10 minutes flicking through the channels did little more than reinforce why I don’t have one!!

IMG_0166 IMG_0168 IMG_0175 IMG_0178 IMG_0180Ruthven Barracks, great site and well worth the visit. Just 25km back home.

IMG_0184Insh Marshes from the view point. Amazing building set right into the woodland/hillside.

Glenfeshie-Braemar-Glen Geldie round trip

So this trip is a bit of a regular short notice trip, if I have a few days off unexpectedly I often do this route as it’s a good one, and as I Know it so well there is pretty much no prep other than packing. I stayed at the hostel in Braemar so went pretty light, even left some luggage at the hostel as the manager was coming over to Aviemore a few days later!

IMG_0196Cutting through to Feshiebridge from Loch an Eilein, lovely bit of single track that takes you past Drakes bothy.

IMG_0200The Nemesis of the whole trip. This section of Glen Feshie up to and a little beyond Eidert Bridge is often very wet, having been cut up by the Argo-cats that the estate use for stalking.

IMG_0205Eidert bridge itself. You can cross at the mouth of the burn but I find that the time saved is often wasted trying to pick up the rather faint path again.

IMG_0216No shit!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe Dee at Invercauld bridge.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAOnce through the Invercauld estate you follow the stalking track around Meall Gorm and down into Glen Gairn.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERALoch Builg, pretty ride-able along the edge, though a little “combat bikey” in places.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERATrack through to the river A’an and eventually on to Tomintoul.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAAt the head of Glen Brown is a signpost pointing the way back to Tomintoul.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAExit from eag Mhor, the next couple of km is some of the best woodsy single track in the park IMO. Leads out to Forest lodge and then into Ryvoan pass, and just 4km back home.


A cheeky overnighter over the Burma road.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERALochan Uaine, on the way to the Ryvoan Pass.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERARyvoan Bothy, the cleft in the hillside in the background is the now infamous Chalamain Gap.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASluggan bridge, very humpy bridge indeed!


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERALooking back to the bridge.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAGlen Dulnain runs roughly parallel with the Spey at this point. Lovely meadow on a sunny day, Skylarks a plenty.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERABurma road can be seen cutting away to the left, Campspot is straight on. In the full size image you can just make out the red bothy roof.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERALooking back at the bridge, Burma road cuts right through behind the ridge.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAMonument on the top of the road, pretty wet and cold, and a long roll downhill into the rain :-((


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERABy the time I got to the bottom my discs were almost glowing. Anyone who as done this descent will know why, it is a very fast track with no real technicalities so it is easy to let the bike run and then wish you hadn’t!!

Once back into town it was off to mountain cafe for there famous Jenga breakfast. Sorry no pictures, but I can assure you it was very good.


Glen Einich on the fattie

The winter was a mixed bag this year, we had plenty of snow high up but it was often too windy to get out and ski tour. Lower down we have a few days of snow, but for the most part it was wet and windy rather than snowy and cold/firm. Fatbiking therefore was pretty non existent, we had a little more snow later but again, it was often to warm and soft to get any decent rides on. I have planned a trip in the Arctic circle this winter coming so was hoping to do some multi day trips on the snow pack in prep, hence the rides through Glen Ossian etc as scouting trips. I did a great trip through the Laraigh Ghru last winter and was hoping to extend it again this year, but every time I went into the Ghru to was either too windy and/or too soft! so I just rode what I could.

This trip into Glen Einich was one of several attempts, again due to wind mainly. The glen is a real wind tunnel, especially if the wind is blowing Northerly, which it often is. It is not uncommon in summer to ride in against a head wind, when it is more manageable, and take almost 2 hours!, only to be back out again on the return leg in less than 30 minutes….

The wind today was pretty strong, but not enough to be unridable.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe squalls were coming in from the SE over Brairiach/Ben Bhrotain.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALoch an Deo, just at the end of the Estate track that re-enters the Rothiemurchus estate.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have been trying various ways to carry my DSLR on the bike for future trips, so far this is working out as the favourite. Pretty stable and with room for spare batteries and a charger, I can even get my Galaxy Note in the front pocket….

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